We put great value on comprehensive support of our customers and partners in any security related questions. Therefore, we do not only offer services but also consulting. Our internationally active experts have long and vast experience in public service with security agencies and deployments in crisis areas. They know about the importance of a conscientious and comprehensive analysis of the situation and the goals of an assignment. Compliance with legal and actual requirements and conditions is as important as a detailed definition of the services required and other requests of the client.

Based on an analysis of the situation, the threat and risk potential and the client’s requests, our specialists create individual security concepts, derive the necessary measures and describe those in the respective operation manuals for the security staff and in profiles of requirements for external service providers.

The goal of our consultancy services is the sustainable protection of private individuals and their property as well as corporate entities and their employees and assets. The range of services extends from preventative protection concepts and training to concrete instructions and schedules in case of incidents and crises.

The main services are:

  • Security concepts for persons, property and events
  • Measures for physical and personal security
  • Travel security
  • Prevention and detection of industrial and corporate espionage