Mobile indoor shooting ranges container construction

Indoor shooting ranges are often built as stand-alone structures. They typically operate in extended basement spaces in the basement of large buildings. It is important that these types of ranges be acoustically isolated, well lit, and operate with strong ventilation systems. Ballistic protection measures are another criterion for evaluating shooting ranges.

The basic components of our indoor shooting ranges (container construction) consist of shooting lanes, targets and a bullet trap.

Interactive shooting range

In the first and only interactive shooting range, tactical shooting and sniper training can be conducted with lasers in specially prepared scenarios; by creating virtual conflict environments.

It is a computer-based gunnery training system that evaluates and analyzes training quickly and effectively, with unlimited repetitions and individualized feedback.

Virtual images simulate the size and shape of a field of fire. The use of the models together with the prepared scenarios not only trains skilled, qualified, timely and correct decision making, but also gives the shooter the opportunity to experience a realistic training environment.

This results in the following advantages:

  • Training or shooting can continue in any weather.
  • Unlimited repetitions available at low cost in training.
  • The risk of accidents is minimized.
  • Thanks to this system, which was developed taking into account the latest information technologies in the field of education, not only faster and higher quality shooting training is ensured, but also effective and accurate and control of training.

The biggest advantage of mobile shooting ranges is that they are mobile and housed in containers. These shooting ranges, which usually have a length of 15-20 meters, also offer the possibility of increasing the size of the shooting lanes if desired.

We guarantee a completely bulletproof environment. Thanks to the soundproofing technology that reduces external noise, making it exceptionally safe.

Test Shooting Centers / Shooting Ranges
The aim is to provide test shooting facilities according to international standards.

Target systems
Thanks to the target systems developed for all ranges, we can design your shooting ranges perfectly. Our target systems can be adjusted quickly, quietly and easily to the desired distance on the rails. If desired, they can retrieve your results without having to retrieve the target thanks to the integrated HD cameras.

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