Professional personal security is characterised by discreet and efficient protection of the protectee. It demands an extraordinary level of confidence between the protector and the protected person and also a maximum degree of personal and professional qualification.

CPS bodyguards ensure the personal security of their protectee by a maximum degree of professionalism and experience. Permanent and mostly certified training as well as obtaining physical fitness are mandatory requirements to our security guards. Constant training and education of our bodyguards in martial arts and use of weapons and on current legal matters are also part of their activities.

Naturally, we provide our close-protection services also with armed guards. An extensive threat analysis and the drafting of a security-concept by our experts is also part of our service as well as the necessary contact to law enforcement agencies and other authorities.

The CPS security team is active worldwide and accompanies protectees securely and safely in their professional and private environment. Amongst our clients are companies and private individuals as well as governmental bodies and NGOs.