We ensure the security of business or privately used buildings and property by an efficient guarding and prevent dysfunction, damage or destruction through vandalism or sabotage, theft or unauthorised access and presence. We always make sure that our measures are as non-restrictive as possible.

Together with our clients, our property-protection experts develop an optimally adapted security concept, based on a comprehensive security and threat analysis. From that, we derive our service-instructions which are part of our service contracts.

In addition to our security services, our competent staffs also support you in other security measures and tasks around your property. We happily take over the following tasks:

  • Access management
  • Visitor management
  • Telephone service
  • Elevator rescue service
  • Alarm management for intruder alarm systems (EMA), central fire alarm systems (BMZ), building control systems (GLT)
  • First Aid
  • Vehicle fleet management
  • Key issue and key management
  • Close-and-lock service
  • Mail service (stamping, sorting, distributing)

Furthermore, we also conduct security-checks according to check-lists (e.g. fire-extinguishers, functional testing of fire-doors, escape-route markings, defect lamps and lights, etc.).